*27.03.1976, Budapest

Education and scholarships:

  •  2010 
  •  Zoltán Kodály grant for Musical Compositions 
  •  2008/10 
  •  Artisjus grant 
 2008/09  Fulbright Scholarship, Wesleyan University, Connecticut, USA    
   (composition studies with Anthony Braxton and Alvin Lucier)    
  •  2007
  •  Kunst:Raum Sylt Quelle Resident Scholarship 

  •  2006
  •  KlangKunstBuehne Special with George Aperghis in Berlin
  •  2005
 Experimental Music Theater studies with Daniel Ott and
   composition studies with Walter Zimmermann at the
   UDK-Berlin, as an Erasmus scholar    
  •  2004
  •  Best Music Prize of the International Alternative Theater Meeting
   for Garden of Damnation    
  •  2001 
  •  Hukkle -- movie (directed by György Pálfi), was honored by the
   Fassbinder Prize by the European Film Academy    
  •  2000-2007
  •  MA Studies at the Universitaet für Musik und Darstellende Kunst,
   Vienna, Austria, composing major under Michael Jarrel,    
   mediamusic-composing major under Klaus Peter Sattler    
  •  1999-2004
  •  Participating at Bartók Seminar, (mastercourses of Marco Stroppa,
   Manuel Hidalgo, Martin Bresnik, Peter Eötvös, Örjan Sandred    
  •  1999
  •  Course of Gamelan music at the Indonesian Embassy, Budapest
   Teaches Creative Musical Exercises for Actors, at the Barka Theater    
  •  1996-2001
  •  Franz Liszt Music Academy, Budapest, Jazz Studies (BA)

His works has a wide diversity of musical materials and styles and also in the music-social background of the performers. Was working for more than 40 radio-, film- and theatre-productions in different countries (A, DE, FR, H, IRL, NL, US) since the age of 15. Beside commissions of new music festivals (Wien Modern or Bartók Festival) works often together with folk- and jazz-musicians. Some of his songs was performed by Beata Palya in February 2009 among others at the Carnegie Hall (NY, USA). His first chamberopera was premiered at the Sophiensaele in Berlin in 2007. In 2009 he was cooperating with the Kitchen Budapest Innovation Lab on an interactive sound-installation for 4 iphones and video-.projection. It was presented at the Brooklyn Museum of Arts (OperaLooper). In some of his works he operates with his own musically instructed Tarot-cards, was designed by the australian artist, Luisa Bufardeci.

He is member of the EAR (ElektroAcousticResearch) Ensemble, the WUEAIO (WesleyanUniversity`s ElektroAcousticIlluminationOrchestra), the W.H. performing band, the artistgroup IKULT (Internationale Kulturplattform) and the austrian section of the International Society for Contemporary Music
He co-founded with Rupert Bergmann the MuPATh (Music-Performance-Art-Theatre).

In the coming season (2010/11) ha is commissioned for solo- and chamber- pieces, a new composition for Bigband for his portrait concert by the MAOEnsemble, a mono-chamberopera by the Theater an der Wien and a ballad for two female voices and intrumental ensemble by a theater project in Hungary, where the performers are homeless people and some of them are highly qualified musician as well.

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